The Georgie Girls are a group of friends who met during art school and pledged to work together after graduation for LOVE, JUSTICE, and SELLING PIN BACK BADGES AT CONVENTIONS. They all live together and work as a collective, pooling their talents and different interests to create the greatest Artists' Alley table the world has ever seen! Will they succeed in their dreams? Or will the dreaded "drama" rear its ugly head?

She's the "pretty" one of the group, though you won't catch her bragging! Not when she can more easily fish for compliments by complaining about how "ugly" and "fat" she is. She is also Queen of the Humble Brag. Her favourite fandoms are science fiction, British TV, and American comic books.
Better known as "Zelda", she's the self-proclaimed "gamer girl" of the group, as well as the everyone-else-proclaimed "neurotic mess" of the group. She has some real problems and won't hesitate to tell you all about it so get comfortable when you meet her at a party! As well as video games, she also loves British TV, fantasy fiction, and doujinshi (pornographic Japanese fanzines).
Born on a reindeer farm in Sweden (those totally exist), Inger was a foreign exchange student at the art school all four Georgie Girls attended. She has a "real" job that keeps her in the country indefinitely, so she can pursue her Artists' Alley dreams with her friends! Inger has a strong work ethic but is the most socially awkward of the group. The fact that she's also the resident furry doesn't help her chances in the fandom social hierarchy either. However she's always cheerful and usually agreeable, unless you insult Disney's Robin Hood (the one with the foxes and chickens). Then you better take cover!
As her t-shirt proudly proclaims, she HEARTS yaoi (gay Japanese pornography usually made by and for women but centred around men). In fact her favourite pasttime is inferring sexual relationships between male characters in various forms of entertainment media! If there's a movie, TV show or comic book with two or more male characters, you can rest assured she has at least one "ship". You can also rest assured she will bring up her "ships" at every opportunity, even at Christmas dinner with her family. ESPECIALLY at Christmas dinner with her family. She has a preference for anime and manga, but isn't picky in her fandoms.
She's a "BNF" (Big Name Fan) who the girls befriended right before Queen Bee's epic Harry Potter fanfic propelled her to fannish stardom! How lucky for them to be in the orbit of a convention superstar such as this! Queen Bee can get them invited to all the right convention room parties, and introduce them to all the right convention organizers (actually, there are no "wrong" convention organizers, since kissing up to them might get QB invited as a guest one of these years)! Queen Bee has recently seen the (self) publication of her ORIGINAL FICTION novel about a put-upon little boy who gets sent to a school for vampires. Aside from Harry Potter, Queen Bee's fandoms of choice include Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and the spread of malicious gossip.
He's a cheery little fellow who's always got a kind word for everybody, except Mexicans. Actually he's not wild about immigrants in general. He's fine with black people... just, y'know not THAT type of black person. You know the type. He runs a blog called "Gentleman Gaijin" that is the top-rated anime fan blog in the upper Tri-State region, where he impresses upon the younger generation of fans the importance of "classiness" and "retro cool". He believes in courtliness and gentility, and he totally upholds these values, at least until he's had his second drink. Then all bets are off. His fandoms of choice are classic science fiction, anime and manga. I guess he's married to Queen Bee?
Queen Bee's most hated rival, a fellow fanfic "BNF". She and Queen Bee were once close friends, and even collaborated on what was meant to be THE MOST EPIC TWILIGHT FANFIC OF ALL TIME, but it all eventually unravelled due to circumstances that neither party will elaborate on to this day, citing only that it was "con drama" fueled by "that backstabbing bitch". (These are the exact words both Queen Bee and Bean Quee use to describe the situation.) Besides Twilight, her fandoms include Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Babysitters Club.
One of Eggbert's proteges, who is learning all about bringing back "class" to the fan convention world! To this end, Sanjid has purchased upwards of 15 fedoras from the Mens' section of Target. His fandoms are mainly "hard" science fiction and anime.
Another friend of Eggbert, from whom he is learning ADVANCED CLASS seduction techniques sure to impress any lady... any day now. He's had bad experiences with women in the past WHICH WERE NOT AT ALL HIS FAULT but he's willing to give the "fairer sex" another chance to sweep him off his feet! If only every woman he meets wasn't so gosh darn crazy and irrational! Shmoobert will pretend to show an interest in pretty much anything if he thinks it'll attract a woman (even crappy girly romance shit) but he mainly likes manly-man entertainment. If it has muscular, glistening, bare pectorals and grunting, sweaty men grappling with one another, he's all over it, just like any other red-blooded heterosexual man.
She's not a fan of anything, especially the other people mentioned here. For some reason she's always finding herself surrounded by these nerds who mistake her for a fellow fan because of her poor choice in eyewear. She bears an unfortunate resemblance to a girl in a meme.