Cosmonoaut -- acrylic & color pencil. Looming threat of Soviet aerospace dominance lends menace to this mixed-media piece.

Uncle F -- ink & screentone. Sullen drunk gestures hypnotically. From a photo found on the internet.

Woman -- acrylic. Color study on bristol board, from a Arbus photo.

Witch Doctor vs. the Purple People Eater -- Winner: Sheb Wooley.

boxes --Stuff in my room circa 1990. Ink and wash.

space farming --Farming alien plants on another planet. In space!! Watercolor.

Absolut ad --Class assignment to do our own Absolut ad. Goauche.

Cyborg 009 --Fan artwork of Cyborg 009 that was used as badge art at AWA 9. Acrylic.

Fat Elvis --Elvis in his declining years, with matching handgun. Ink.

Some Guy --Some guy with poofy hair from the 40s. Inkwash.

Another Guy --Some guy with a hat. Ink.

Ugly Hipster --Ugly hipster man with hat and skin condition.

Ugly Hipster --Unflattering portraits! Only five dollars.

Hazzard Von Braun --Hazzard Von Braun, Astronaut Detective. As seen in JUKU. Color pencil, ink.

Girl --This class assignment involved coating a sheet of acetate with ink, letting it dry, and then using q-tips to produce an image. Complicated, but effective.

GO WILDSTAR GO! --Rat Fink meets Star Blazers' Derek Wildstar. Check out the custom shifter on that Cosmo Zero. Ink on paper.

The Replacements Live in Boston CD Cover --This is a cover for a bootleg CD of a Replacements show recorded live in Boston in 1987. The audience really makes this show something special. Ink on paper.

Space Station --Another college piece featuring exotic planets and a mysterious space station. Goauche, acrylic, various chemicals.

Soldier --Brush drawing from Vietnam photo reference. From my sketchbook. Ink on paper.

Tape God --Moses receives the Two Commandments - VHS and Beta. I'm still not happy with the big eyes, but what the heck. Ink on paper.

Mazinger Z and Koji --He (Mazinger Z) is a robot man. He is our best friend. Originally for a set of A-Kon playing cards, but never used. Watercolor and color pencil.

Rev. Robert Tilton --This caricature of everyone's favorite money-hustling televangelist was a class assignment. Goauche, gel medium.

Unibomber --Our pal Ted K., the Unibomber. Another class assignment. Goauche, gel medium.

GUN CRAZY!!! --Yes, Dave's GUN CRAZY - gun SAFETY crazy, that is!! Ink on paper.

Reader --He's just read something that has DEVASTATED him. Or maybe it's just a headache. Pastel, gel medium.

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