This trip to the Continent of Lost Anime etc. actually focuses not on anime but on a MANGA. Back in the 1980s, 4-panel gag strips about "salarymen" (office workers) were extremely popular in Japanese publishing. In fact, pretty much any occupation you can think of was covered in some sort of crudely-drawn comedic slice-of-life strip. These usually involved a long-suffering office worker and all his troubles dealing with demanding bosses, complicated office politics, et cetera.

Also very popular in the 1980s was an American TV show called "Quincy M.E.", about a crusading medical examiner, played by the great Jack Klugman. So it was not terribly surprising that a manga based on "Quincy" should be made in Japan. The interesting thing about this manga was its focus-- much as the TV show "The Green Hornet" got marketed in Asia with Bruce Lee (as the Green Hornet's sidekick Kato) getting top billing, the manga version of "Quincy M.E." focused on Quincy's long-suffering, Japanese-American sidekick Sam, played by Robert Ito, and the manga is called "Salaryman Sam". However, in the manga, as in the TV show, Sam is indeed the one who does most of the work so Quincy can solve those crimes.

I've "scanlated" a couple of representative strips; as you can see the artwork is even cruder than the norm for salaryman manga.

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