Lo-Fi Landfill Show 14 - The World Of Leiji Matsumoto

Recently manga legend Leiji Matsumoto passed away, and our latest Lo-fi Landfill is a tribute to this influential artist, featuring musical works from the various anime films and TV shows based on his work! Plus radio drama themes, obscure English versions, and other rare Matsumotoverse tracks. Get ready to take an endless journey with the Lo-Fi Landfill!

-Hope For Tomorrow (Space Battleship Yamato Symphonic Suite)

-Wanderer's Boat Song (Space Pirate Captain Harlock soundtrack)

-Attack Theme (Yamato I Adore The Eternity Of Love)

-Galaxy Express 999 (Godiego - Galaxy Express 999 soundtrack)

-Star Blazers theme (Star Blazers TV show)

-Cockpit theme (Cockpit radio show)

-Teresa (Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato Symphonic Suite)

-To The Lifelong Object Of The Universe (Adieu Galaxy Express 999 soundtrack)

-Comet Empire Theme (Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato Symphonic Suite)

-Hikari No Sono (Kitaro, Queen Millenia film soundtrack)

-Emeraldas theme (World Of Leiji Matsumoto LP)

-Taking Off (Godiego, Galaxy Express 999 Soundtrack)

-Danguard Ace ED Sono Na mo Takuma Uchuu Pilot (Isao Sasaki, Danguard Ace Soundtrack)

-Mukashi Mukashi (Ichiro Mizuki, Space Pirate Captain Harlock soundtrack)

-Arcadia/Vengeance (mix of Arcadia Of My Youth and Vengeance of The Space Pirate)

-My Friend's Daughter Mayu (Space Pirate Captain Harlock English LP)

-Space Battleship Yamato English Theme (Isao Sasaki)

-Yamato The New Journey (Space Battleship Yamato: The New Journey)

-Angel Queen (Dara Sedaka/Kitaro, Queen Millennia film soundtrack)

-Scarlet Scarf (Isao Sasaki, Space Battleship Yamato soundtrack)

-Sayonara (Mary MacGregor, Adieu Galaxy Express 999 soundtrack)

-Take To The Sky (Mike Mercury, Captain Harlock Ziv version)