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Fantomah vs the Weird Gorillas!
Electro the wonder robot
Stardust the Super Wizard
Zatara's Magical Backmasking
Dr. Fate vs the aliens!
The Man Show
23 Skidoo Small Change
Space Hero or Porn Star?
Dames in Space
Take a Whiz with the Whizzer
Unsolicited Testimonial
Before Comics Made Sense
Homespun Hayseeds
Furry Porn
Nazombie Punks Fuck Off
Nippos Erect
Axeman Acts Up
70 Years of Lurid Trash
Satan's Old Lady
Boy Love
Hiya Lorna How ya Doone?
Navy Jones' Locker
Nazi Zombie Punks Fuck Off Again
Off to see the Wizard
Swiss Family... Crusoe
Angel in the Outfield
No, The OTHER Dr. Doom
Some Pig
Fake Geek Guy
Tuffy Dan Duffy
Ghostly Encounters
Take Another Whiz
Pirates and Wizards
And Comets and Gases
If It's Good It's a Miracle
Nudie Cuties
Zoro is his Name O
You Borgia Me To Death
The Whitest Hero
Bob and Carol and Atilla and Satan and Hitler and Madame Satan
Monster Maker Makes Your Monster Maker Make a Great Meal
Flip You Mother Flipper
Teen Wolf
The Perfect Follow-Up for Ready Player One
Everything Tastes Better with Blue Beetle On It
Get Rekt
True Detective Season 4
Captain Fancy Pants
Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech
Wonder Bred
Go To Hell Jenny McCarthy
Three Little Maids From School
Ghost Stories
Flash vs The Mummy
Wildlife Christmas
Surely You Jest
Ol' Triangle Head
Up The Academy
Stupor Man
Sgt. Spook of Ghost Town
Beetle Mania
A Series of War Crimes
Get Bent(ley)

Man... or Astroman?
The L.I.F.E. Brigade
Cosmic Steller (sic) Rebelers (sic)
A New Beginning, unless you're Led Zeppelin
Guardians of Justice and the O-Force
Areba Koala
B/W 80s self-publishing pastiche
Who ya gonna call? CRACK BUSTERS!
The God of Thunder!!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Ripoffs
Encyclopedia Mangatica
The Hirsute Hand of Justice
Don't Be Buggin'
Publish Comics the Solson Way
Proof of the Absence of a Just God
Video Game Influenza
Did You Bring Protection?
Van Art In Space
Who's That (Super) Lady?
Skateman the Opera
Totally Gnarly Post Apocalypse
Ar Kinda comics
Merry Olde Renfest
Gorgeous Ladies of Fumetti
Yes We Really Want to Hurt You
Smell Like I Sound
Jontar The Thing From comics
Squad of Aliens
Hair in Space
Ninja Butts
Foton Torpedoes
Seriously, We Don't Need Another Hero!
Shine On You Shiny Diamond
Elf Loathing
Jungle Boogie
Gang of Four
Don't Publish Comics the Solson Way
Non-Teenage Non-Mutant Non-Ninja Turtle
I (heart) NY
Sometimes a Caveman is Just a Caveman
M.A.S.K. of the R.E.D. D.E.A.T.H.
A New Beginning for The Lizard King
Roller Boogie
L.I.F.E or Death
Tammas Tell Me True
Evil Men With Evil Schemes
Sex Police
It Was a Graveyard Smash
Superhero and Friendly Neighbourhood Drug Store
Computer, Enhance
Argon, Take Me Away!
Eastman and Laird Have Much to Answer For
Gotta Take a Tinkle
System Boot Fail
Lanced Boil
No, the OTHER Other Thor
Kataclysmic Kamik Book
Nonono, it's CyberCOM
Elves and Dragonz
Far Out Fantasy
Feathered-Hair Hero
Feathered-Hair Hero pt 2
The C.O.M.I.C From S.T.U.P.I.D
Keep This Squirrel Secret
Eastman and Laird Still Have Much to Answer For
Triple Threat
Buck Rogers in the Mid 20th Century
Creature From the Black Something or Other
Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep
Thieves Like Us
Good & Evil
St. Louis Blues
What Hath Mad Max Wrought
Robotech II to the Rescue II
Bolt Upright
Night Hamsters
Blackmoon Over My Hammy
Sex Ed Ninja
Ram That Bot
Think Global
Rockin Rollin Boggin Froggin
Eccchzer 3
Habitant for Humantity
Dungeons Do Drag On
Lesions of Power
Objectifying Minors
Grody to the Animax
Log That Dam
Science Friction
Doll Squad
American Ninja
Dead Rovers
Zorann of Green Goblins
Out of Time, Out of Mind
Draft Kings
Night All

Suzanne Loves Troy
Charlton Romance Round-Up
Charlton Romance's eating disorder clinic
The Love that DC Comics dare not speak the name of
A Girl Called Joey
Chipmunk Punk'd
Model With a Broken Face
Male Bomb
DC Comics' eating disorder clinic; Charlton Comics' art swipe file
Cranky Panky
Honeymoon's Over
Wild Child
Pilled Up Pen Pal
Mother Knows Something
He Likes 'Em Crazy
Recycling, the Squeakquel
Love American Style
Hand it to Charlton
Kissin' Cousins
Chicken Lover
Love is for Clods
Millie the Actress
Beatnik Hootenanny
Total Ellipse of the Heart
Dating Dos and Donts
1960s Sure Did Suck
1970s Weren't Much Better
The Glamour of being an Office Drone
I'm Gettin' Married in the Mornin'... OR ELSE
The Lyin' in Winter
Good Night Nurse
Commune Eileen
Tip A Canoe and Donna Too
A Crash Course on Genetics
Pick your Poison
Gross Love
Football Love
Love You Long Time
Big Brother is Watching
He Was Also in The Thorn Birds
Baby Love
Rich Man, Poor Man, Poor Man's Daughter
Drab Old Maid
Cold Comfort
Hillbilly Elegy
Crime Patsy
Must Hate Kids
Waiting Brain
Puts My Trust in God and Man
Put On!
Get Jonnie Love
Crazy Love
Toes For Tennis
Gossip Girl
Phone Sex Minus Sex
Fickle Sue
Milk of Amnesia
Calling Dr. Freud
My Haunted Herb
Once You Go Black
Tennis the Menace
Jailhouse Rock
The Old Neg

Superman's Pal Don Rickles???
Superhero Giveaway Comics
Nick Fury's Fury
Tod Holton, Super Genius Green Beret
Legion of Superheroes' Dating Do's and Don'ts
Jimmy Olsen, Robot Fucker
Dog Daze
Slow News Day at the Planet
Blah, a blah, I vant to suck this comic
The OTHER Dr. Strange
Lois Lane has too much time on her hands
Zulus? No, I won about 20 bucks
An American Werewolf In a Shitty Comic
Convolution League of America
Support Your Local SCPA
Kobra Kommand
The Heartbreak of Tiger Girl
Hellcat of the Navy Party Dress
Superboy Hates His Parents
Sgt. Fury's Field Manual
It's Hammer Time!
When Jimmy Met Lucy
Bat Guano
Hi and Lois
Mouse Power
You are getting sleepy
The OTHER Capt. Marvel-- no, the OTHER OTHER one
Starray Night
The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Chocolate Thunder from Down Under
The Adventures of Superpill
Lion Around
Your Fly is Down
Holo Victory
We Don't Need Another Hero... PLEASE
Destroy Super Compooper
Behind the Black Door
Comet Vomit
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and Lois and Satan and Superman
I (don't) Wanna Be (Team) Anarchy
Naughty Night Cat
Naughty Night Cat pt 2
Red-Headed Step Beatle
Stupid Heroes pt 1
Stupid Heroes pt 2
Pretty Fly For a White Guy
Life and Loves of a She-Devil
Batty For Defacing
Owl Be Seeing You
Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
The Wild World of Batwoman
Superman's Cuck Jimmy Olson
Buckle Up
Kissin' Super Cousins
Crime Drac
Sexy Bubblegum Cards
Up and Atom
The Captain Marvel With No Movie, No, the OTHER One
Onesie Lady
Clown Time Is Over
Rip in Peace Batman
Teen Titans Go! To Rehab
The Shadow Doesn't Know
Hulk Smash School Supplies
Super Sweet 16
Scimoc Diputs
Color Me Bat
Canadian (dis)Content
Saints Alive
Super Fetish
Lovely Lady Leslie Lowe
Get Us Out From Under
Stupid Heroes
Superboy's Medical Records
Crying Jag
Moon Knight Over My Hammy
Captain Bring-down
Super DeeJay
Jimmy Olson is a Nazi
Attack On (new) (teen) Titans
Pivot to Superboy

I Can't Believe It's Not Archie, pt I
I Can't Believe It's Not Archie, pt II
I Can't Believe It's Not Archie, pt III
I Can't Believe It's Not Archie, pt IV
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
Al Hartley Death Trip
Dan Decarlo, Unperson
Diminutive Dilton's Degenerate Deviancies
Therefore if any man be in Big Ethel, he is a new creature
What the Duck
Bible Thumpin Betty
New Look, Old Story
Nice Day For a Wet Wedding
Little Arch on the Prairie
Pinup Girls
Funny Honey Likes Money
Cricket Continuation
Josie and the Exorcists
Sabrina the Teenage Horror Host
Schneider Never Had a Comic
Stick in the Mud
Full Metal Archie
Harvey the Teenage Deviant
Unequal but Separate
Have Yourself an Archie Little Christmas
Mr. Fix It
Next Door Bigot
Creeping Peepers Junior Edition
Super Duck and Other Intellectuals
Safety Jug
Luck of the Jug
Stranger Danger
Ham It Up
In These Strange and Difficult Times
Twig Out
Chilling Tales of Camping
Swing and a Miss
Fine and Dan DeCarlo
Jesus Christ, Archie
There's a Draft In Here
Jinx Janx
Archie Goes Electric
Black Archie
Assault Archie

Harvey Comics Pastiche
Harvey PSAs
What the fuck is the deal with Jackie Jokers?
Not-So-Alarming Tales
Tiger Tiger Sucking Bright
Billy Bellhop's Red Hot Tip
Recessive Genes in the Polka Family
The Love that Dare not Dot Dot Dot
That Little Girl Sure Loved Death
Join the New Kids Posse
Wendy the Good Little Groupie
Dotty Lotta
Bossy Lotta
Smokin' Audrey
Diapers and Trolls
Winners Never Prosper
Don't Have a Cowsill Man
Christ What an Asshole
Wake Up Sheeple!
Bunny Ball's Fuzzy Tale
Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling
Take That To The Spank Bank
Tooth and Consequences
Girl Friends, Not Girlfriends
Phony Matrimony Makes For No Alimony
Recessive Genes in the Polka Pool
Spooky The Fat Little Ghost
Twitter is a Blue Bird
Performative Giving
The Manchurian Candi-Dot
Casper the Friendly Outfielder
Mayda Love
Theatre Kids Gone Wild
Single White Audrey

Bande Desinees Du Goldorak!
Strijid Der Planeten/Battle of the Planets
Gold Key's Battle of the Planets
American Space Giants comics
Domo Arigato, Mister Roboto
Domo Arigato Pt. 2
4 Marys and a Funeral
The Tragedy of Growing Up British
Los Monkees es muy stupidos
Chat Logs of Europe's Pretentious Class
Love to Love Ya Baby
Kung Pow
No, the OTHER Supergirl
Everybody Was Kung Fu Fightin' On Eggshells
Fake Asian Invasion
Stop, Drop, Look and Learn
Shogun Halfassin'
Guys Going Urgh
Domo Arigato, Mr. Tracing Paper
Journey to the Ecch
The Donkey Who Also Liked Fun
Dirty Doppelgangers
Pip Pip Boo Boo
Ancient Chinese Secret
Veteran of the Psychic Wars
No, the OTHER Wizard Magazine
Schoolboy Hijinx
Follow That Bus Driver
No, The AquaMEN
Judy Judy Judy
King of England
Eating and/or Sleeping
You 'Avin a Larff, Mate?
Dinkum If You Gottum
Future Girls
Master of His Domain
A Game of Footie
What Fresh Hell Is This
The Terror of Toy Town
Merry Maid
Hijack Hijinks
Molly Coddling
Star Hock

Healthy eating with Mulligan Stew
Only You can fight forest fires
Popeye the Sailor and part-time guidance counselor
Harry Potter and the Rising Oil Prices
You don't wanna get drafted, do you?
Get Safe with Johnny Canuck!
It's Raining Safety Cats and Dogs
At least he's not Captain Planet
Better Learning Through Comics
Welcome To the World of the Future
Caveman Genius
Canadian Deliverance
White Men in the Wild
Taking Liberty
Manic Panic
Miss Military Manners
cough Cough
Katzenjammer Katz
Spare No Expense, Government of Canada
Maybe A Shutdown Isn't So Bad
MM MM Good
Yank your Doodle
Vote Early, Vote Often
Super "A" Holes
Telegram Wham
Worldwide Pandemic of Santas
Robotech to the Rescue
Fire Walk With Me
Social Safety Nuts
One Smoggy Evening
Take Out the Trash
Get Happy With The Bumsteads
Hydro Cephaly
Check Your Privilege
Railroad Dicks
How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?
Pagan Pain
Safety Dance
To Tell the Tooth
Summer School
Starvin Marvin
Cruz Control
Yours To Discover
Smoke On The Walter
Bummer Bumsteads
Missionary Position
DC Follies
Maid in Canada
Social Engineering
Coughin' Flops
Goodbye Columbus
Colour My World
Tree on a Match
Tornado Time
Land Lubbers and Whale Blubbers
Quincy, GE
Drugs, Man
Earth to Science
I'm Not The Man They Think I Am At Home
Plants and Animals, Man

I'm sick of these motherfuckin skeletons on motherfuckin buses
I'm DYING to recycle these cover ideas!
Today's Scary Bride Magazine
Like "Meatballs", but with more Satan
Bowling for Stupid
I refuse to believe this comic exists
Hasn't New Orleans suffered enough?
Don't Lose Your Head! Or do. Whatever.
Fangs for the Memories
Ghost Styles of the Rich and Famous
Commie Punching
I Think That I Shall Never See A Man Who Has Become a Tree
Merry Ecccchmas
Last Gasp
In Which Dracula Eats a Hamburger
Fear of a Black Planet
Rah Rah Siss Boom Blargh
Ripping Tale Old Chap
Destiny's Density
Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Drummy Dummy
I's the Bye that Sails the Boat
Neurotic Erotica
Everybody's Workin For the Weekend
Werewolf? There Wolf
The Evil That Cat Man do
The Comic That Godwins Itself
The Hole Story
Four Arms to Hold You
Have a Holly Haunted Christmas
Going Dutch, Man
Itch's Curse
Mr. Wizard's Beach House
Vault of Stupid
The Haunting of Mystery House
Locked Room Mystery
Vampire Headlights
Sticks In My Claw
No, the OTHER other Dr. Strange
Number of the Beast
Witches Boo
Ice Ice Baby
Downer Crown
Giant Fist Monster
Shadows From Your Butt
White Anglo Saxon Protestant Terror
Dis Must Be the Place
The Lizard of Oz
Springtime For Hitler
A Piece of Craps
The Evil That Men Can't Do
You Big Dummy
No Barking Zone
Scary Love
Dead Stupid

My Head is a Celestial Body!!
To boldly go where no comic book has gone before
Forbidden Planet's Flirty Fishing
"Twist" endings that suck
Gorilla My Dreams
Spaceman Kerry
Elevator Operator of Death
The Dogs of War
Just Desserts
Earth Versus the Flying Saucers
Child Psychology
Star Drek
Mantis Comic Sucks
Zombie Commie Lincoln
Sadder Saturn
Stardate: Teenage Wasteland
Ground Control to Major Snoozefest
Groot Morning America
Don't Worry, Be Crappy
Zoning Out
If You Like The Guardians of the Galaxy Films You'll Love This
Shark Weak
X Marks the Spot
Space... Quest?
Ace is the Place
Globsmacked II: The Reglobbening
Just Like In My Animes
Animes Part 2
Martian, Martian, Martian
Mantech Semantics
Male Nipples in Space
Yucky Space
Eye Eye Eye
Valentine's Day Massacre
Even a Stopped Clock
Mars Needs Money
Baby Surprise
Damn Dirty Apes
Roe Roe Roe Your Tubes
Fear IT!self
See You Space Cowboy
Boys Will Be Boys
Star Ski
Science Fiction and Science "Facts"
Get Thee Behind Me, Santa

Mickey's Strange Interlude
Dr Fishlove, Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Turn Into a Fish
Twin Tales
Model sheets are for pussies
Bugs and Elmer and Marion and Rodney
Thank You Masked Man
Burn in Hell, 1990s
There's a Fish in the Percolator
I Ain't Talking for Clapping
Vacation Photos
Best and the Wisest and the Boringest
Ruh Roh
Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars
Drink Your Milk
I Am Not An Elephant
Sci Fi Channel Reruns
Say Yer Fond of Me Wobster
The Monster, The
Problematic Content

Li'l Kids
Millie the Twistin' Monster
Menace 2 Originality
The Eyebeams Have It
Appoint This
The Red Red Rabbit comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along
Color Me Stupid
Hugs Or I'll Kill You
Inx and Jinx
Moony Xmas
Bearly Christian
Raggedy Moon
Soldier Boy, Oh My Little Soldier Boy
No, the OTHER Ziggy
Duck You Sucka
Go Go Gajit Lassitude
Ho Ho Ho
Punks and Screaming
So So Sodium
I Am Curious (Goofy)
Of Mice and Mugs
Bearly Legal
Bros Before Ho Ho Hos
Funny(?) Animals
God Troop
Stitches Gets Snitches
Barney Bear Spills His Seed
Ghost at the Coast
Doing Some Kokey
Denise the... Womenace?
Care Bear Glare
The Good News Bears

Deconstruction of an omniscient ad
Superman vs the Quik Bunny!
The Horrors of Ronald McDonald
Dumb Ads
Chocolate-like drink products... IN SPACE
Saturday Morning Cartoon Ads
Saturday Morning Pt 2
Journey into Nightmare with Andy Devine
Stronger Than Dirt
Coffin Nails
More Dumb Ads
Still More Dumb Ads
Total Toilet Paper
Pigs Love It
Let's Spoon
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper
Worst Poochie Ever
Chicken Feed
Welcome to the World of Tomorrow
On the Road with a Gay French Bear
Made from the finest Fossil Fuels
Bubble Bubble Toil and Trubble
Bubble Bubble pt. 2
Does Not Compute
Deliver Us From Evel
KKK: Kasco Kids Klub
Tree Days of the condor
Crystal Meth
More Crystal Meth
Skate Party USA
DQ Something Stupid
Keep Calm and Buy Lifebuoy
Likin Chikin [sic]
Mother's Little Helper
In Dodd's We Trust
Adstravaganza Redux
Glub Glub
Eat Meat, Don't Be Beat
Boy Am I Tired
Burger Meister
Give Peas A Chance
OH NO!!!
Tax Time
Go Steelers
We're Gonna Turn You On
Now You're Cooking With Electricity
Trainspotter Porn
GOTO: Radio Shack
Bring Good Things to Life
Exciting ISO Action
Esky Services
Thirstie Bitch
Fun Man's organ
Schwinners and Losers
Shacking Up
How Beaver Was My Valley
A Face For Radio
Zzzzz Strap
Borden America
Sharper Image With Fake Vomit
We Wear the Texaco Star
Purple Drank
Electric Avenue
Leave it to Beaver(s)
Less Exciting Than Breakout
The Pause That Refreshes
Dank Koosh
Environment Goofs
Freight Neight
A Tandy Company
Well Oil Be Darned

The first and last teenage president
I'll Twist Your Head Off
It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World
Wigging Out
The Terror of Tomb Town
God's Baldwin
I Was a Teenage Alcoholic
The Fab Four Color Dell Comic
Frampton Comes Alive
I Was a Teenage Patsy
16 Candles

Singing stars and the comics that loved them
Inexplicable Flinstones Comics
Pickin' and a-grinnin' and a-pukin'
Four Men, Living All Together
Mod Squat
Alvin and the Beady Eyed Rodents
Fonzie Scheme
We got Sinbad and that ain't good
Tonight's Guest Star
Honey Bunches of Bradys
The Mr. T Experience
6 Million Dollars' worth of stupid
Goin' Bonanza
Nip It in the Bud
And I'll Form Your Mom
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
I Think I Hate You
I Got 1999 Problems and Space Ain't One
Another Marvel Media Crossover Success Story
Big Boy and Half Pint
Farewell Thee Partridge
Ding Dong Dell, Timmy's in the Well
The Golden Age of Television
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Comb
Bear Baiting
Doodoo Doodoo
Cirque Du Boomer
Only You Can Prevent Forrest Tucker
Believe in a Sign of Zed
Not If I NBC You First

Funny out-of-context panels
Another weird pastiche of out-of-context-ness
Real people making real dumb cameos
DC comics' rage-inducing exposition
Comic book vandalism
The Crazy Grandma price guide
That's Why The Lady is a Cop
When Stupid Comics Ruled the World
Joe Edwards is dead and I don't feel so good myself
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
YOU WILL NEVER FORGET... UH... where was I?
Bubblegum Comics
I Go Non-Pogo
Spy vs Stupid
Jagoff with Jaguar (NSFW)
Me and Suzy, Crocodile, Etc.
Did You Ever Wonder?
Mystery Boy
The Beautiful Choice
Save the Earth
Pass the Lord and Praise the Ammunition
Oral Fixation
Shit Just Got Real
Bear Up Bicentennial
Bicentennial The Squeakwel
Feminine Napkins
Never Say Never
Say it 5 Times Fast
Return of Out-of-context panels
Swipe your Troubles Away
What's the Story Morning Glory pt1
What's the Story Morning Glory pt2
Napkins Forsooth
2 Fast 2 Fury
Letters, We Got Letters
War is Heck
Word Up
A Soupcon of Stupid
Lose Money Faster Than a GOP Campaign
Loin Cloth Abuse
One Toke Over the Line
The World is More Than Enough
Grim Grids
Naughty Duo
These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things
An Even Shittier Cowboys vs Aliens
XMerry XMas
Injury to Balls Motif
Vamp Champs
Judo Jury and Executioner
A Surprisingly Accurate Look at 2014
Pillie the Podel
Jim Dandy's Boner
Sharks Not Drugs
Blech Quebecois
Non-Caped Jesus Crusaders
Amazon Drones
War is Sexy
Heavy Petting
Well Bowl Me Down
Ever Windbags
Reject Pile
Diss Orienting
The Not So Great Escape
Pitch A Trent
Abort Fail (don't) Retry
You're in the Jungle, Baby
The Funky Phantoms
Pickled Punks
Arrow Dynamic
Saint Elsewhere
Stop Asian Hate
Hoarders on A&E Prequel
Grab Bag Gab
Dagwood Dithers
I Got a Thingor for Thongor
Thongor Rings My Gongor
Boy Oh Boy
Poo Pourri
Frontier Justice
Blame The Parents
Jungle Boogie
The Gospel According to Goodyear
Rock the Stippling
Riding With Death
Hitlers of the Old West
Podcasts of the Old West
Man From The Black Lagoon
Poo Pourri