Do love and politics mix? Only in airport bathrooms, and only with the assistance of complicated foot-tapping codes! HAW HAW. No seriously, what happens when a tough political campaign runs up against two star-crossed lovers? Why it might make a great comic book story.

But until that happens, enjoy this exciting tale of a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dares to romantically fantasize about an inappropriate workplace relationship with her boss.

"Have to file that for future reference, along with that Raquel Welch movie poster and the lingerie ads in the Sears catalog - because I'm too cheap to buy Playboy Magazine." EW, Joe.

Throwing caution to the wind, our handsome young candidate saunters his way right into a campaign-destroying sexual harrassment suit. On the other hand, you have to give him credit for getting started early - most politicans wait until they're actually in office before they start treating the staff like their own personal harem.

After a whirlwind three weeks of picnics, boating, dancing, and some of the greatest backrubs this side of Georgetown, our two lovebirds are moving right into the doubt-ridden angst phase of their relationship.

WASSAMATTA YOU, SANDY? YOU STICK WITH-A YOUR OWN KIND! FIND A NICE-A BOY WITH THE GIANT MOUSTACHE, JUST LIKE-A MINE, CAPICHE! Meanwhile campaign manager forgets that, in fact, he CAN make her drop him, by firing her mini-skirted ass. On the other hand I am really not sure how good of a campaign manager this guy is, because he seems to have forgotten exactly what position his candidate is running for. Councilman, House Of Representatives, what's the difference?

And so Our Candidate proves he's a strong-willed fighting Man Of The People by dumping his girlfriend because... well, for some reason everybody thinks that the voting public cares about the net worth of the family of the girlfriend of a city councilman / Representative. But he's doing what his campaign manager says! So vote for Mister Independent Freedom Man, he does what he's told!

"Also, Pac-Man is eating my head. Thank you, and goodnight."

Yessir, when campaign manager says to dump the girl, you dump her, and when campaign manager says to propose to her during a speech, you propose to her during a speech. And thus cynical political manipulation paves the way for true love! TWO WEEKS LATER: Joe loses the election. Wedding is annulled. Sandy moves to Oakland and becomes the "mama" of a Hells Angels chapter. American democracy spirals into the snake-pit of wiretapping, secret bombings, and Watergate. Joe Thompson, however, went on to make history as the only person ever elected to both City Council AND the House Of Representatives in the same election. And now you know... the rest of the story. Good day.