What's that? You've had enough of New Kids On The Block? In fact you had enough of them 20 years ago? Surely you're not serious.

Yessir, Harvey Comics wasn't content to simply push those New Kids out into the cold cruel world of comic books alone - let's see, do they have a character that falls into the same target demographic? Baby Huey? No. Buzzy Crow? Definitely not. No, the sudden NKOTB invasion gives Wendy The Good Little Witch a chance to get out of that shapeless red burqa and into a dress and Mary Janes like every other ten year old girl with supernatural powers and a dead boyfriend! Now our only task is to somehow shoehorn our popular singing-and-dancing group into Wendy's world.

This is the second issue of the comic so Wendy's already been introduced to NKOTB. However, the name of the comic book is "WENDY AND THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK" so they're contractually obligated to once again get together and hang out. Good thing this comic only lasted three issues, it would get kind of contrived there after a while. Well, okay, MORE contrived.

And hey! Plot contrivance! That was easy.

The titular New Kids On The Block hype with their illin' chills as we meet not only the dreamy teen heartthrobs but their manager Dick Scott, which should in no way be confused with their real life manager Maurice "The General" Starr. Whether or not "Biscuit" has a real-world counterpart is unknown at this time.

I think this is the first Harvey comic to feature actual Satanic curses! Don't read that first panel out loud kids, it'll awaken the mindless, drooling Nyarlathotep from his eons-old slumber.

This scene is every girls nightmare circa 1991. The New Kids On The Block are coming over for dinner - but my aunts are grotesque witches serving nasty ethnic food! How uncool.

Look familiar kids? How many times have you sighed while your baby-boomer parents wander around boring everybody with yet another story of how groovy Woodstock was?

Hey, it's the New Kids On The Block, whose lawyers have informed us that they must always appear collectively! You want one of 'em in a panel, you gotta put 'em all in. I hope the artist was paid by the New Kid.

Take note 60s dinosaurs - getting back together and touring only highlights your age and frightening physical appearance, not to mention the damage drugs and life on the road have done to your once formidable talent. LEGAL NOTE: those panels with just one New Kid resulted in a court case judgement of three million dollars each. Don't mess with "Dick Scott"!

I WISH YOU COULD TOUR WITH US BUT SCHOOL COMES FIRST. And that's the only time you'll ever hear that sentence uttered in connection with anybody in the music industry! Stay tuned for Wendy & The New Kids #3!

BUT WAIT, you say, how the heck did Wendy get involved with this whole leaving the Enchanted Forest thing anyways? If only a helpful editor's note equipped flashback could enlighten us.

Apparently, a slightly more evil witch blew up their house so Wendy and her aunts are now in the Magical Witness Relocation Program hiding out in The City Of Mortals. As seen in Wendy & NKTOB #1. And so Wendy can't use magic (much) and has to go to regular school!

Luckily her school is full of boy-crazy preteen girls and what appears to be one of those deals where the sexy teacher gets her student boyfriend to kill her husband. Who knows what excitement awaits us in Wendy The Good Little Witch & The New Kids On The Block #3?