What makes a scientist great? Is it their peerless research skills? Is it their grasp of the unknown? Is it that spark of genius that allows them to wrest knowledge from what to others was only dark emptiness? Or, is it merely their appearance in an educational comic book titled "Great Scientists?" After all, they couldn't be in there if they weren't great.

Classics Illustrated figures if there was a market for producing comics that helped kids get through book reports without having to read the books, there was probably a market for comics that would help kids get through science class, or maybe history class, without having to read the textbooks.

Look, comic book, if I wanted to hear about someone who can't bear a mystery and who must find the truth, I'd watch "Columbo." Now let's put on our goggles, get behind our radiation-proof screens, adjust our togas, and get ready to blast some rockets off into space!

The human body was once a mystery. Then some men began to wonder. Why are some men hot and buff, and other men weak and scrawny? Are there superfoods and supplements one must consume to get swole? Or is it all reps and sets, sets and reps?

Vesalius was sent away to continue his studies in human anatomy, because his local anatomy studies were beginning to cause a certain amount of distress.

"Why, I am engaged in important study of the human body. Certain human bodies in particular, isn't that right, milady?"

Vesalius was really hoping for some sort of anatomy-related death, but you take what you can get, I suppose.

"Yes! For years they laughed at my theories. Now into the rocket ship, Flash! We must travel to Mongo at once!"

I'd like a scientist to do some calculations on exactly how much "fun" this rock collection is. I'm guessing it's not going to move the needle much.

So what you're saying is, if a rock contains sand, it's sandstone? WOW THANKS

Witch doctors! Faith healers! Colonizing occupiers! People Who Really Do Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth! Doctors and Nurses! Classical Greek Back Tattoo Artists! They all know GERMS CAUSE DISEASE.

Getting schooled in the process behind your tiny animal manufacturing operation? Buddy, YOU just got PASTURIZED.

"I wonder if the same method would work to defeat anthrax, just as I defeated Lee at Appomattox and overcame obstacles to invent the telephone. Yes, just as you thought, we're all the same 19th century guy. Now out of my way, I have to become a robber baron and form some interlocking directorates!"

The body language here is fascinating - he's all "check out my corpuscle, baby" and she's saying "Uh yeah, that's great, I think I hear something in the other room"

Keep a scrapbook about you and your family and your mid-century life. Later you can shoot it with a soft focus lens, throw in some music and narration, and "poof" you've got a great insurance ad, maybe even a nostalgic sitcom intro!

This comic is from the mid 20th century so Freud and his "it's all in your mind" theory is going to get a lot of play from editors who really, truly hope the kids reading this don't decide to go any further in their investigation of Freud. Because he gets kinda wild.

"Dr. Freud, Carl Jung is here to argue with you about tulpas and break your cabinet with sheer mental ESP force! I've cancelled all your other appointments."

HONK HONK HEY BUDDY LOOK OUT WHIRRRR CLANG CLANG EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT NEW ATOM BOMB WHOOOOOSH THUNK HONK Gosh I wonder why mid-century man is so troubled? I bet it's their childhoods. And, you know, everything else.

"He says space is curved and time is relative! He also says that somebody named "Walter Matthau" will play him as a goofy matchmaker in a zany film comedy one hundred years from now!"

Foolish Nazis! By setting books on fire you're merely converting matter into energy, thereby confirming Einstein's theories! Also, some of those were library books, and that means you're in REAL trouble now.

"Dear Neighbor. Please start an atomic research program. Then copy this letter ten times and send it to ten friends. If they all start atomic research programs, good fortune will come your way. Signed, a friend."

"Oh no way. No WAY man. All I did was scribble a formula and write a letter! I'm not going down for this! You can't pin this one on me!"

Each age has its full beards, its chin straps, its mustaches. Where will YOUR facial hair fit into the world of tomorrow? Now quit playing with those rocket ship toys and get back to your homework!

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