In today's housing market both homeowners and renters are feeling pressure as interest rates rise and the supply of available, affordable real estate shrinks. We must all become more diligent in taking care of our property. And sadly there's one property we're all forced to share that we may not be maintaining to the best of our abilities. Luckily, we have comics to remind us of what and where our home is!

That's right, our home is Earth and we'd better start taking care of it. There's such a thing as resale value, you know!

We interrupt Rural America Date Night to inform you of your difficulty in realizing things are actually huge balls.

We interrupt Lunar Date Night to inform you that when whatever thing you're standing on is big enough, it seems flat. Might be a sphere, might be a dodecahedron, might be an amorphous blob, it's gonna look flat to you if it's big enough. Now get to kissin', you astronauts!

Flights to the moon are teaching us about outer space. But we're still tremendously ignorant about the Earth! Why aren't we blasting million-dollar rockets to the Earth? Anwser me that, so-called NASA!

Indirect evidence? We know perfectly well what's inside the Earth! Inside the Earth is a giant geologist, a giant seismologist, a giant chemist, and an oil well. Pictures don't lie!

Interesting as the Earth's interior is to science, most of us, represented by Bobby here, are concerned more about the surface of Betty, and how to get closer to it. Tell her more about your 4-H project, Bob.

Vast upheavals drain entire oceans as new continents rise and the face of the planet itself changes, and that sounds amazingly dramatic and exciting, so... just describe it flatly in one panel, that's fine.

That's right, animals MUST have oxygen. Don't listen to that guy at the pet shop telling you little Fido can get by with just argon and water vapor!

Plant growth depends on carbon dioxide... and the landscapers, and the gardeners, and the lawn fertilizer guy.

The Earth's weather is a system created when the Sun's energy impacts the air, land and sea. The Earth's weatherMEN, on the other hand, are created in a secret cloning facility somewhere outside Omaha, Nebraska.

You see Timmy, when a cold air mass and a warm air mass love each other very much...

Sometimes violent weather becomes so harsh that the local authorities are forced to declare a threat level of "Gothic Romance." When you hear the creaking and moaning of the siren, take cover!

And sometimes gentle rains fall, ruining Bob and Betty's date. But life on Earth needs storms, violent bloody storms, the essence of struggle, the vital force of life itself!! STORMS!!

We can use the most advanced scientific techniques to measure the age of rocks. But whenever we try to find out how old Aunt Marge is, the answer is always "39". Just another mystery of science!

As we see here, Man evolved from gorillas, which came from saber-toothed tigers, which came from rhinos, then dinosaurs, fish, squid, crinoids, and it all started when somebody having to write about evolution got kind of confused.

In the Earth's crust are many things essential to life, like salt and coal. Another thing essential to life is you not mixing those two up when you're cooking or heating your home.

But our supply of gas, oil, and coal are dwindling! Luckily an army of cowboys has been dispatched to every corner of the globe to locate sources for the world's power supply of the future, cheap, plentiful, harmless uranium, which now supplies all our energy needs here in the future. Right?

Soil is another vital resource, created over time through the process of rocks being crumbled and broken by heat, cold, water, chemicals, and convicts on the work detail.

Maybe you'd rather not think about your dinner incubating in a moist bed of dead organisms. Pierre here sure doesn't! Steak, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, it's all there for Pierre to chop!

Sure, the atomic bomb might kill hundreds of thousands. But the soil! Did no one think of how it ruins the soil??

Filling the air with harmful gases, maybe something about Superman and Mexican food, there's a joke in there somewhere, but... nah. Not gonna do it.

We here at the World Conference On Environment have gathered to vote on the most pressing issue facing our times - are we rooting for the Green Glob or are we on Team Yellow Frowner?

We need timber and meat now, and we'll need timber and meat in the future. See this family's timber and meat based recreation? Jimmy's hauling logs with his meat arms, Janie is harrassing a squirrel (meat) in a tree (timber), Dad is sitting on a log cooking fish and Mom is pouring coffee percolated over a fire made by burning timber, and the occasional thumb.

Let's get the entire corporate board in there, maybe they can figure out where exactly that sixteen billion is going, and how they can make it come their way instead.

Even more billions were spent trying to figure out better ways to dispose of trash. Billions of dollars later? We're still using landfills.

You heard it here first, studying in outdoor classrooms is the best way to learn about the Earth, so SUCK IT, comic book about the Earth! You STINK!

It's not every day you find a comic book with the chutzpah to straight up tell us to watch ice melt, and then ask "was this interesting?"

Some important Earth Science Words include Pollution, Earthquake, Radioactivity, Nuclear Reaction, Tidal Wave, Contagious Epidemic, Volcanic Eruption, Killer Bee Attack, and... sorry, got this list mixed up with my list of important Disaster Movie Words.

And let's not forget the important Earth Science Word "Birmingham." Birmingham, my friends. Part of our Home In Space, the Earth.

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