Frequently we here at Stupid Comics cover stories about super-heroes, or super people who aren't heroes, or heroes without any super powers in general. And occasionally we'll see a story not about heroes, super or otherwise, but about heroes-in-training as they prepare themselves for a life of being physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. This is one of those stories!

Finally, an ALL-ACTION story! Which here apparently means we get to see what happens AFTER the ALL-ACTION has actioned right off. Or maybe this is just road naptime. Naptime on the road. That's a thing, right?

"Those lads were Wolf Cubs, who are taught to be observant. I hope they don't observe us preparing for a crime. Crikey, what if they're working on their "creep" badges and are creeping up on us at this very moment?"

Slim was moving fast, until he was struck by the perfect name for a weight-loss meal replacement drink. Reddy, however, continued to get ready, which is, I mean, how could he do anything else?

Just imagine watching all this happen from five feet away and not hollering "Look out, it's a hijack trap!" Would that would be too much action for this ALL ACTION story? Or maybe these Cubs have already won their "Warning Somebody About Danger" badges and they simply can't be bothered with it any more.

Here our Scouts are earning their "hitch rides on the back of trucks" badge. This one's tough, so you'd better get out there and practice every day, kids!

What's that? Tying up Cub Scouts? This may be our cue to display a vintage book with a questionable title!

I KNEW this would come in handy someday. Anyway, back to our story.

Using what appears to be their X-ray Vision, the Scouts watch criminals in the act of loading and unloading trucks.

Poor barn maintenance causes all kinds of problems - mice infestation, property theft, escaped Scouts.

The Boy Scouts aren't saying fire is the solution to ALL your problems. But fire could come in handy at any time. Why not try setting a fire today?

And now let's take a little break for some amazing Scout tricks with which to amuse and confound and annoy your friends.

Sure, jam a needle into a matchbox and then try it out on any one of the collectible vintage LPs you just paid a hundred and sixty dollars for in a trendy record shop. Go on, I dare you!

"A phantom sausage appears" - didn't expect this to take a turn into Ghost Breakfast territory, but here we are!

Anyway, back to our story.

These hi-jackers know that if they're party to arson or murder, they'll be drummed right out of the hi-jackers' Union. "One Crime At A Time," that's their motto!

They're giving out Scout badges for "using a telephone?" And they say RECENT generations were given meaningless participation trophies??

Remember to get a good grip, to lift with your knees, to wear safety shoes, and to keep the load as close to the body as possible. The goal is a 100% safe hi-jacking workplace environment!

Uh-oh, looks like some Adult Scouts never qualified for their "Replacing Distributor Wires In The Correct Order" badge! It is honestly kind of tricky.

And now we'll pause for some more Boy Scout information.

The Boy Scout Garden defines every creature as either ENEMIES or FRIENDS. Which is it, buddy, friend or foe? There won't be any non-aligned neutrals in THIS garden!

And now, back to the all-action.

It's crook round-up time down at the old barn, that was almost set on fire in order to make crook round-up time happen. Very nice work. Now, hand over those matches.

CARPETS and LINEN, that's what was being hi-jacked here? Not cigarettes or TVs or fat sacks of cash, just some rugs and sheets? Seems like a waste of a good hi-jack to me!

Three cheers for John and David! Three weirdly regional cheers!

And speaking of inexplicable regional dialects, here's another example.

It's my guess that a "dekko" is some kind of sandwich, perhaps carried in a bucket. You'd take your "dekko" to any sort of haunted structure for a wonderful picnic lunch. Surely that's it. Thanks for sharing our "dekko" today, readers!

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