This week let's drive right into the second part of a two-parter about a girl whose boyfriend gets sent up the river! Will she pick up where she left off with him when he's finally released from prison or will she run away from the stench of ex-convict?

If you're wondering, yes we do own the issue with the first part of this two-parter, and trust me, this is the more interesting half.

If there's one thing I know about girls, it's that they love to put on some flimsy negligee, think about their jailbird boyfriends, and do a little light "we must, we must, we must increase our bust" exercises. This comic book was definitely drawn with their intended audience, little girls, in mind!

Left to her own devices, Stephie enjoys daydreaming about breaking Vic out of his prison, which judging from his clothes is either Auschwitz or maybe those are pinstripes and he's in a snazzy mob-themed jail, I don't know. Anyway long story short she wants Vic back so they can return to their erotic asphyxiation games.

But Stephie's ill-advised love faces an uphill battle, as everyone tells her to dump that zero! Her friends...

...her parents...

...even Aquaman warns her away from her beloved Vic! And towards some delicious Hostess Cupcakes!

In flashback, we are reminded that Vic was totally unfairly arrested - he didn't steal that $500 that was in the car he merely stole the $10,000 car itself! But he just "borrowed" it for a while to impress Stephie, so instead of charging him with Grand Theft Auto they should've charged him with Grand Theft Love and sentenced him to 13 months of kisses!

On the fateful day Vic is released from prison Stephie waits a respectful 2 mile distance outside the gates, anxious to resume their love!

...or not.

At this point he's probably more annoyed he missed the bus to town, but sure.

Y'know Stephie, if you'd had a job in the first place, or at least something to do other than think about getting crushed by Vic's ape arms, you'd probably be a lot better off by now.

Sure hope that nice old man doesn't do anything like pick Stephie's pocket while she's preoccupied!

ah, shit

The problem with being a pretty young girl alone in a New York City bus station is you're a magnet for every stereotype over at Central Casting! This comic is definitely the result of a lot of detailed research by the artists and writer, if by "research" you mean "watching a lot of reruns of 'Starsky and Hutch' and 'Baretta'"

Good thing these nice old people are here to scare away Big Daddy, being I'm sure totally upstanding citizens, unlike the last nice old person Stephie encountered.

Yes, these two give off no red flags whatsoever. Mm-hmm. Dotted line? What dotted line?

Look out ladies! That taxi's coming straight for you!!!

"Here's a nice bed for you to stretch out on top of, writhing awkwardly into unlikely contortions! Enjoy!"

Uh oh, oops! Well, I'm sure there's a very normal, non-rapey explanation for this!

Or a very normal, extra-rapey explanation.

Tricked by old people again! The moral of this story is, never ever trust old people. Meanwhile, poor Big Daddy, a well-meaning humanitarian who only wants to help, is left empty-handed.

Luckily the cops show up in the nick of time to bust Stephie for prostitution! Without ever saying the word "prostitution" of course, because this is a DC comic from the 1970s.

They call this wagon "The Boulder Holder"

In London it's called "The Boob Tube"

Tricked, laughed at and mocked in a New York City jail by a gaggle of ultra-close-up prostitutes! It's Rudy Guiliani's fondest wish!

Don't worry Stephie, if you stay there long enough you'll shrink down so small you can just sneak out between the bars!

"The Truth" is her parents told the cops Stephie is dumb as a bag of rocks and easily tricked by old people.

Nice of Stephie's parents to also vouch for the gullibility of the other ladies that got arrested.

I'm beginning to think Vince Colletta had some things on his mind while he was drawing this.

Great, he's cleared of the theft of $500; unforch he's still on the hook for the $10,000 sports car, plus whatever he'll get for "borrowing" a jalopy.

Look at her, all high and mighty like she's better than those other "street girls" just because their jailbird boyfriends haven't come to meet them at the courthouse yet. This bitch, I swear.

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