Like the man says, we're all interested in the future, because that's where you and I are going to be spending the rest of our lives. The infinite possibilities of an endless tomorrow provide plentiful opportunities for writers to create challenging new stories featuring bizarre and unusual concepts and imaginative notions beyond anything we might see in our everyday world. Or, sometimes they just smear a thin coating of zap rays and space aliens onto an otherwise fairly mundane story. Anything goes when deadlines are coming!

Let's blast off into an astounding science-fictional world where giant video screens show oddly-dressed men with beards! Or maybe we should stop watching reality TV for a minute and instead read this comic book story.

Yes, the future, where a galaxy-spanning civilization uses every technological miracle at its command to deliver the ultimate in advanced leisure activities - otherwise known as "lying around on the beach." If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Crystal... Crystal Tipps! If that IS your real name, and not that of a luxury cigarette brand. What a pleasant surprise seeing you, one of the foremost experts in special interstellar controls, here at the beach and/or apparently pee-filled swimming pool! Shouldn't you be controlling some special interstellars somewhere? They aren't going to control themselves!

Just so we're all clear, if a guy looking like he stepped out of a 1978 menswear ad says to you "C'mon with me to the Master's Air Temple! It's fan-tastic!" you should DEFINITELY go.

Ryan is as frenetic as an arcade game player, and since arcades are a thing that died out five years after this comic book was published, it makes for some extremely frenetic players indeed!

This really is an amazing future world the writers have conjured up! Certainly things like giant floating airships are far advanced from anything we could build today, if by "today" we mean "sometime in the mid 19th century."

Crystal is impressed by a mid-tier Vegas showroom? Well, it is all floating in the air, I guess that counts for something.

That's some big talk Sovran, but so far all I can see you're the master of is gesturing wildly and sporting giant collars.

Wow, an audience of people all speaking different languages, yet able to understand the speaker thanks to special interpreter earphones? If only we had such amazing technology, we'd use it in, say, the United Nations building, or something.

What's that? We've been doing this for something like seventy-five years now? Well it's still kind of cool! At least that's what the space alien who's also a Dead Kennedys fan says.

Switch your intuition to the "on" position and do some serious Lois Lane snooping around, Crystal, because something definitely isn't kosher! Maybe it was that alien who looks like a shrimp.

I think the caption is trying to say that Crystal electronically exposed herself to the door lock, I think that's what's going on, in the future doors only open if you show 'em your goods.

Glad to see that centuries from now, the old spy-movie karate-chop to the neck still works as well as it always did! (that is to say, not at all in real life)

Sure, fiddle around with the mind-control device and turn a formerly peaceful group into a violent mob. It's all part of special interstellar controlling.

If you break into somebody's private quarters, karate-chop his henchman, and start messing around with his space translator mind ray thing, well, you might get punched, yeah.

This kind of "falling out of windows" thing is why the whole "Zeppelin Baptist revival" thing never really took off, so to speak

Just parachute to safety as Ryan - remember him, the leisurewear model? Ryan somehow automatically will know he needs to commandeer the controls of this airship filled with rioting mind-control aliens and land it safely. Sure, just let Ryan handle it. I don't think he'll be as excited to see you the next time he runs into you, Crystal!

I've often suspected many of our more televangelistic ministers were partially if not wholly mechanical, and Crystal here seems to have confirmed my theory!

Now what's worse, being throttled to death by an android space alien preacher, or being bored to death by the back-story of an android space alien preacher? Asking for a friend.

Emperor of what I can only describe as a race of cybo-nematodes, Sovran had an unbroken string of victories over lesser, non-wormlike races!

But just like on every episode of "Behind The Music", it all came crashing down and Sovran had to escape to the one planet in the galaxy with terrific beaches, fashionable hotels, and high-class night life.

Sovran was so intent upon explaining his upbringing, achievements, career goals, and turn-ons and offs, that he forgot about his crushed android shell - that's not really what an "android" is, but whatever - and his now-vulnerable state.

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for that pesky atmosphere! Let this be a lesson to all you would-be universe conquerors and everyone else who breathes - make sure the air isn't poison. A handy tip from Crystal Tipps - and Stupid Comics!

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