If there's one thing kids love, it's backstage shenanigans featuring weird looking, underage standup comedians, and none are more beloved by the tots than Richie Rich's pal, the Clown Prince of Show Biz himself, Jackie Jokers (not to be confused with Batman's arch foe, the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker).

In today's stagedoor tale, Jackie meets very pretty girl, who is in fact an adult woman meant to be a parody of very pretty adult woman Mary Tyler Moore!

Jackie's agent, Ben, is as well-practiced at feigning amusement at Jackie's antics as Richie is; for myself, I feel like a conversation with Jackie would quickly get tiresome. This may or may not be based on actual experience with actual standup comics.

Mary and Jackie have just met and she's all ready picked up on the unspoken agreement everyone who knows him has made to pretend to find him funny. It's a skill that would stand her in good stead once she starts working with Ted Knight, anyway.

And yes, Jackie's high-strung Mean Cousin Reggie-alike actor cousin is also a pre-teen.

As all Harvey-reading kids know, David Merrick was a legendary Broadway producer but for the life of me I have no idea who the director is supposed to represent; the closest I could find is theatre director Joshua Logan, except he seemed to have mainly worked in the 1940s and 50s, and doesn't resemble the drawing there at all, so I dunno what to tell ya! I just don't have the theatrical chops to be reading these comics! I should stick to Casper and Hot Stuff I guess.

In theatrical circles, swinging your upraised arms in a circular pattern is known as "giving the business"

This may seem like weird casting to you, but I for one would LOVE to see Willy Loman or Brick Pollitt played by a 12 year old in a baggy suit.

Honestly, even in my own very limited performing experience, this shit is pretty common. I believe it's alternative to improv theatre's "yes and" rule, the "no but" rule.

Gross, Jackie, stop ogling your cousin's ass.

It's OK, that must be the set from the last play, since this is just a first rehearsal, and since director Jeff Logan hasn't said a word about the actors' bizarre attempts at blocking thus far.

Finally the director says something, but frankly if they did any more acting I don't think the stage could withstand it.

A joke about "eating the scenery" sits just off-panel, sobbing quietly

BONUS: Since Jackie is a standup comedian, let's pay tribute to some of the sick burns he comes up with this issue, starting with this reader-supplied insult directed at Jackie's best friend, most ardent fan, and most persistent heckler!

Laboured set-up but a decent quip.

In Harveyville every boy looks exactly like shrunk-down versions of their father.

Well, they can't all be winners.

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