In the early 70s Marvel attempted to jumpstart its dormant romance line with a slew of new titles. Half reprints of 50s and 60s stories and half new material - sometimes with art by heavy hitters like Romita and Steranko -none of these books made it out of the 70s alive. Not surprising, considering the sexual revolution was rewriting all the rules about dating and romance. Also not surprising, because some of these stories were bizarrely inept. To wit: "Model With A Broken Heart" from OUR LOVE STORY #14, Dec. 1971.

Utilizing a cartooning style not seen since the early 1950s, artist "J.T. Mills" combines the zombie stiffness of a Bill Woggon with the heavy lines of a GeorgeTuska, producing an effect not unlike that of a serious automobile accident.

Truly, this should be the most fantastic date of my life! And why SHOULDN'T you date your boss? This issue of OUR LOVE STORY has four tales, ALL of which are about girls dating their bosses. Because that's perfectly acceptable and will never lead to problems at work, oh no, never.

Our heroine is always willing to give the "just friends" speech to boys who aren't the boss. She's aiming for the top! Can't she see the pain behind Link's page boy curls?

"The hairdressing of her life?" So that's what the kids are calling it these days.

Yeah, "WOW" is correct - if "wow" can be interpreted as "HOLY CRAP THAT'S A DUDE."
Also acceptable: "Hey, it's Ed Wood in "Glen Or Glenda"!

A red pantsuit with a mesh top and sleeves - and a fur wrap. Why not? Who says there are rules to fashion? Certainly not THIS comic!

Well, the Dream Makeover certainly had its desired effect - two minutes into this "date" and they're going at it like crazed weasels. Stiff, awkwardly posed weasels.

Isn't that just like a dame? She drives him crazy with the hairdo and the eye makeup and the pantsuit, and just when he's totally hooked, suddenly she's Little Miss Touch Me Not! Dames! Go figure!

But don't despair. Link has been stalking - er, I mean watching the whole scene from his strangely vintage auto, and he's got big, green shoulders for her to rebound on! Sure, Sandy will now have to face her spurned boss on Monday morning, but at least she learned a valuable lesson about dating co-workers. Except she hasn't. The jury's still out on whether or not this is a 50s reprint with hair retouching, or a story from 1971 that only SEEMS like it's twenty years behind the times.

One thing's for certain. There are no models in this story, heartbroken or otherwise.