Welcome to the Continent of Lost Anime that Time forgot, where I will showcase long-forgotten cartoons from the Lost Land of forgotten Time of... uh, Japan. What a lot of us over here in the west sometimes forget is that despite the large amount of anime that is being brought over for western consumption, there is many more that HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER be brought over, for one reason or another. Much of it was made a long time ago and therefore is of little interest to most North American anime fans, and much of it just fell between the cracks of the big anime importers. And some of it is just incomprehensible to our western minds. In the interests of killing some time, I have decided to introduce people to anime we're not likely to see over here, updated weekly monthly periodically for your amusement.

First Continent--Shining Japanese Body Story
Second Continent-- We Swear to God She's 19 Years Old-- Fetishtastic
Third Continent-- The Religious Body of Hikyou-Kisei Studios
Fourth Continent-- Salaryman Sam (manga)
Fifth Continent-- Special Space Attack Group Zero Champion